Thanks to Olga Quinn

I looked into getting a security system for our home. I called rochester ADT and decided to set up an appointment for next week. My sister in law and brother recently got one installed. They were teasing me and telling me that I needed to bring myself into the 21st century. When I went over to their house, they showed me all of the things that the alarm system did other than just having a loud siren. It actually was wired and would call the police if it went off. It has glass break alarms and fire alarms that call the fire department. It has motion detectors for the evening when everyone is asleep. There are also panic buttons on the key pad, that if for some reason you can’t get to the phone for some reason that you can call emergency services at the click of a button. Alarm systems have come a long way since they first started being put in homes. We are looking forward to getting ours.