The Fat Cat is Back

Well, I see that Gina luckily had no "purrsonality" to create any interesting material in my absence. Whew. I was worried about the things that may have popped up behind my back during the CAT institute fiasco. Here I am. They have decided that I am, indeed, a "cured" cat. I let them think they broke my dog loving spirit, but they are wrong. All wrong. I came home, ate a few black olives, made the one called Dad feel loved and appreciated for Father's Day, I even sat on his lap for a while, then, I cautiously, some may call it with "cat-like" stealth, found my dog and TOOK A NAP WITH HIM. That's right. No hissing. No growling. A peaceful nap with MY DOG. Even the threat of diet food is not going to make me lose my best friend. Gina and Lea are my girls. I love them. Okay, I love Lea and tolerate Gina to the best of my ability. But, Bear the dog...well, he is my buddy. My pal. Yes, he's old and grouchy and smelly and going a little deaf and may be hitting senility...but, they say he has congestive heart failure and I don't think I have much longer left with him and CAT institute or not..I LOVE MY DOG. There. Said it. Now, before they clean out the good stuff from the food bowl, I'll take my leave and have another breakfast before lunch and then, I'm going to find my dog for our afternoon nap. Hopefully, the senile old coot finds a good sunny spot for our nap today.....