Just Call Me the Soul Cat

We love music in our house. The girls have been nagging to post playlists over on the MyCatSpace site, but, like always, Mom attached “rules” to it. We have to each make our own list that reflects “who we are as a cat”. Well, it has taken a while for us to each find the right songs to express our individual personalities. Since we are all three very different cats, we decided that I’d go first and post my list. As you may imagine, I’m a soul-sey, peaceful, laid back kind of cat. I am just a “Soul Man” in my cat world. I also had to find some singers that I can identify with. This music is ME. It’s my favorite.
Let me warn you in advance, Gina is NOT a soul cat. She is more of the Grunge-Metal-Alternative kind of cat and Mom said Gina could post her own playlist next week. As for Lea, she is more of the bubble gum, lalalalala kind of girl. They both scare me personally, so please, once they post their playlists, remember this soul man will be listening with earplugs. Gives me heartburn.
Anyway, I posted my list over on MyCatSpace for your listening enjoyment. Hey, like me, like my tunes.