I've Been a Little Out of the Loop

Well, all, this hound dog has totally disrupted my world. He has to be the most human-hogging, time consuming creature ever created. Have I mentioned that I hate him? Yes? Thought so--but, it's been so long since the human has logged me into my blog that I've forgotten where I left off!

As if the pain in the tail pooch hasn't been enough, the Fluffy D'Tail stray that the one we call Mom insisted on adopting, managed to hurt his leg somehow and she moved him INSIDE too! Can you believe this? She didn't even let the cats vote on it--she just moved him right in! Sharing my litter box, sharing my FOOD BOWL, sharing MY BLANKET that lives on the middle little kid's bed.

Then, Sir Whiney Butt Fluffy Tail had to go to the vet more times than you could imagine, he had to have surgery to fix whatever it was that his outdoor roaming had done to him and now the rest of us cats get into big trouble if we even look at him! He gets to eat first, he gets to pick the spot where he sleeps (and it is generally the one spot that I was looking to use for a nap), he gets to be the lap cat whenever he feels like it--and those humans just stop everything to sit and hold him. I could keel over from starvation and they can't even open a treat can!

So--I've had enough. Starting today--the fat cat is back. No more laid back, Soul Cat. I'm going to crank up some of Gina's music and take over my blog! I've been silent long enough!

(But, remember, I am limited by the lack of thumbs--and it may be a few days before I figure out how to will open the door to the computer room.)