One Fat Cat with a Blog Disclosure Policy

Okay, cat pals--although I'm publicly blogging, I didn't see the need to add a disclosure policy to One Fat Cat with a Blog. Well, I'm beginning to have some advertisers interested in what I have to say--and in marketing to those who sometimes listen to my ramblings. And--a cat's "gotta" eat, right? So--Here is my statement about advertisements, paid posts, reviews, and money making on One Fat Cat with a Blog.

I accept paid advertisers--and use sites like Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliates to generate revenue on this site.

I will sometimes accept complimentary or discounted items to review--but, in true Frito fashion, free doesn't change my opinion. If a product should be in the litter box--I will tell you. If I like it--or the parent humans like it--I'll tell you. My opinions are my own and are not really for sale.

I will sometimes write paid or sponsored posts with links to advertisers websites. Again--paying me doesn't make me like your site--and my readers will only see these posts if I would recommend the site without payment. (The extra $$ just helps ensure a steady stream of salmon cat treats and blueberry muffins!)

So--that's my disclosure statement and advertising policy. If you would like to advertise on One Fat Cat with a Blog, send me note and I will run it by the humans.