Frito T. Cat has Ditched the High Calorie Cat Food

In case you haven’t noticed the “fat cat blogging” string of human alphabet characters on my blog url….I, Frito T. Cat, once had something of a weight problem. In fact, for 4 of my 10 years, I was berated and downright ridiculed by a vet, albeit a somewhat portly vet—but, a vet nonetheless, for my Maine Coon and beyond physique. Well—as many of you know—the Diet Police—a.k.a. the psycho mom-human put me on a vet inspired diet. Frito T. Cat suffered diet drama for several years--all in the name of good health and yada, yada, yada…blah, blah, blah. Well—I’m here to tell you—I have finally dropped 4 of my 24 pounds. I have officially ditched the high calorie cat food habit once and for all. I may have even gained a life or two since I’m lighter and a lean, mean, Frito machine.

How did this cat lose weight? Well—my favorite vet—the one who sympathizes with us big boned city kitties rather than criticizing us (like some big boned vets who remain unmentioned but always on my hit list)—suggested that I avoid high calorie cat food and try some low carbohydrate options with higher, more cat friendly protein ratios. We gave it a shot—although I was pretty particular about my fast-food-grade cat food. After a while, Fluff, the girls and I actually craved the healthy, high protein stuff. It was amazing. We could eat half of the amount of the healthy stuff as the high calorie cat food and be full—but, when we ran out of the “healthy” food; we were starving all the time! Psycho mom lady and economist dad even realized the HEALTHY food was more cost effective in the long run because we ate less and I had fewer, “help, I’m in the litter box and I can’t pee” inspired trips to the vet.

Frito T. Cat says wet food isn’t really canned mouse ears. Yeah—I wonder if the affinity toward canned food doesn’t come with age because I absolutely hated the stuff when I was a youngster! I’m still not a fan of the weird fishy gruel-in-a-can—but, bring on the lamb and turkey! The vet said wet cat food was good for my urinary tract (to which the crazy mom human insists on constantly drawing attention) –but I gagged at the sight of a plate of it.

So, cat pals, the moral of Frito’s story is….sometimes you can skip the high calorie cat food for some healthier options and regain a few of those lost nine lives. Check out (crazy human lady just discovered them and economist dad is pretty excited about the prices) for some of your healthier cat food needs---the rest of your nine lives really does depend on it. If this fat cat with a blog can shed some pounds…you can too.