Frito Studies Leonardo DaVinci

I think I am a well cultured cat. I enjoy fine food, (canned mouse ears do not qualiby as fine food), I love music, and in an effort to be a more well rounded cat (don't tell my vet--she says I'm round enough), I have started to dabble in the arts.
I read a quote this morning by Leonardo DaVinci that said, "The smallest feline is a masterpiece". Well, this lead me ponder the thoughts of a genius. Some of you have met my housemate, Gina, who I hear is starting her own blog soon to prove that she is the cat in the house with attitude and worthwhile thoughts. Anyway, Gina is the smallest feline I know, but she is more of a drug induced, abstract work in progress than a masterpiece, I think. Surely, DaVinci intended this thought to be applied to the greatness of wonderful cats, such as myself, in general and not to be applied to specifics. So, if the smallest feline (except for Gina) is a masterpiece, this leads me to conclude that a larger feline, perhaps a big boned one such as myself, would be a master's collection of pieces, right?