Mirror Mirror.......

For years, I have heard about all of the groups studying the fact that older couples, after years of life together, begin to physically look alike. After seeing this picture of Lea and myself in the human’s top secret photo files, I think these scientists may really be onto something! I read this article this morning about some research that was done in Michigan by a Dr. Zajonc about 20 years ago…wow…it’s some pretty amazing science! It makes sense that the facial muscles, after years of sharing similar emotions and life events, would mimic each other. May be a little scary for some to accept, but I think this phenomenon is real!
Lea and I have only been together for about 5 years—and as you can see, we share a lot of similar mannerisms and characteristics. (Aside from the grey stripes…since that’s just a genetic quirk of nature and all). You know, all of the articles and research I’ve found have been about facial similarities. But, this picture makes the scientist in me hypothesize that belly muscles must also be affected by this empathetic mimicry. There’s no other possible acceptable explanation!
I’m going to call the vet! I was right—I don’t need a squishy mouse ear and giblet diet. Put Lea on the diet and we’ll both be transformed! Everyone wins. Lea likes fresh, slimy canned dinners—she’ll eat it, regain her girlish figure—and my belly muscles will mimic over time! Everyone’s happy. This is an experiment that I’m willing to try. I think we’ll start this morning!