Spring Break and the Kids are WHAT?

I think I am a pretty tolerant cat. I realize I have had issues with things in the past, but I’ve worked on them…I attend my Plastic Eaters Anonymous meetings, I am active in my CAT Institute therapy, I am even working on a support group for cats who love dogs! I swear I am giving this awful diet thing a shot—I may even start exercising as soon as soon as Dad becomes more willing to fetch my milk rings when they go too far. (i.e. more than 12 inches from my right front paw). So, why is it that I always get the grief in this house?

They said I was supposed to be the king here! The king of my castle. Or so I thought. Somehow, I've been turned into a Princess Bride instead. Now, the kids are home from school for spring break—and the humans have no trips planned for them or anything. What are the kids doing for entertainment this week, you may ask? Enter Frito, babysitter extraordinaire. See, I’m the cat that refuses to bite or scratch a child—no matter how ridiculous they make me look.

And this was pretty darned ridiculous. If memory serves, this was my "day at the nursery" outfit. I believe my name was Baby Freda during this particular photoshoot.

There are six females, including Gina and Lea, in this house and I get to be Miss America?

Well, this break should be a doozy….the girls got new dress up clothes for Christmas. This cat doesn’t beg often, but, here goes: Please, please, please, please, please, please, please send the kids to Grandma’s! You can even send them to the Grandma who sets me up with plastic spiders! Send them to the Aunt’s—send them to the moon—hey, you can send ME to Grandma's--even to the Grandma with the yippy, snippy dog, but, just please don’t leave me here with them for a week!